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General Government Auctions



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Government Auctions can be a great place to find used vehicles of almost any make and model, and if you're prepared you can potentially walk away with a bargain. However, it's important to keep expectations in check and know what to look for before attending an auction. Are you going to get a brand new Cadillac for $1,000? Most likely not. But you might find a slightly used pick-up truck for a few grand less than it's actually worth or a retired police vehicle for a few thousand bucks. With that out of the way, let's get started:


Previewing Vehicles:


Before the auction takes place you are allowed to preview and inspect the vehicle in most instances. At this point, we would advise you to use a mechanic unless you happen to be an expert in cars yourself. Even if the auction states that the car is sold "as-is", this just means you won't be able to test-drive it, but you may still be able to inspect it.


Often times, the car will also be started up and maybe even allowed to run with the hood up for several minutes. It's a good idea to have a checklist, so you know what to look for.


Sample Checklist


1. Examine the paint job. If there are excessive dents and dings for the car's age, then that will give you an indication of how the previous owner(s) treated the car. Also, if the paint job appears to be brand new, the car may have recently been in an accident or have rust hidden underneath. 

2. Looking out for body work. Sometimes, you can't tell if a car has been painted or not, but you can buy or rent a paint meter, which will reveal this fact right away.
3. Look underneath the car to see if there are any leaks.
4. Check the tail pipe. If the outer edge is black and sooty, the car may need a tune-up.
5. Bounce the car. This is a good way 
to tell if the car needs new shocks. If the car keeps bouncing for several seconds after the initial bounce, then the shocks may be worn.
6. If the tires are unevenly worn, this could be an indication of bigger problems, such as an alignment issue or worse, the car has been hit.
7. Check the odometer. If it looks too good to be true, then it probably is (e.g. a 10 year old car usually doesn't have 50,000 miles on it). 
8. While the car is running look to see what kind of smoke comes out when the engine is revved up. If the smoke is blue there could be engine problems.
9. If it's possible, ask the guy who starts the car to go through the different gears. If you hear a noise while shifting, there could be transmission issues.
10. Look at the car's engine while it's running. If the motor is shaking, the car might need new motor mounts.
11. While the car is not running look inside the radiator tank. The water should not be rusty or have a film on it.
12. Pull out the dipstick and check the oil.  If it looks sticky, the car may not have been well maintained. If it is brown or gray, there are some serious problems under the hood. And if it's extra thick, this could indicate a cover-up for some serious engine problems. - Activate Your Free 3-Day Trial and start saving thousands $$ on cars today!


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General Government Auctions


How To Make Money At Government Auctions With The Help of®

Making money at government auctions can easily be achieved by anyone. Having the resources and doing personal research will surely increase your chances of getting a great deal at a government auction.

The first piece of information that one should have before even thinking about making money is to know what type of government auctions are available to someone such as yourself.

The two main categories of auctions are seized property auctions and surplus auctions.

Seized property auctions derive from many different levels—criminal seizures, tax seizures, customs seizures, police seizures, sheriff sales, and tax sales.

The government obtains a steady flow of properties, cars, jewelry, electronics, and much more from many different avenues. They can seize a criminal’s stolen assets, take control of items that were trying to be smuggled illegally through an airport, or seize any asset that was not paid for via government taxing.

Surplus property auctions are in essence an outlet for local, state, or federal governments to sell items that they don’t have any more use for. These items can range from goods to automobiles to properties.

A surplus auction is a great opportunity for the public to bid on items that they might need or want to sell, that the government has an excess of. For example, if the U.S. Army has a new issue or model of a Hummer that they are going to establish throughout that branch of military, they might have a surplus of older model Hummers that they want to get ride of. This is where you come in. At this surplus auction, you have the opportunity to win these items and essentially turn a profit if you know the right place to flip them.

Want a Hummer? Find one with the help of®!

After you know which auction is suitable for your needs, you must then decide on the type of assets you would like to obtain in an auction. When trying to make money at an auction, it would bode well for the prospective bidders to have a general understanding of the items that will be up for auction.

Research is key to snagging a great deal. If you are looking to bid on a car, then make sure you know everything there is to know on that specific model and make of the car. This type of research will set you up to make a much more informative bid on the day of the auction. Keeping notes on an item will keep your bidding mind state at ease. If you are to go into an auction with no prior knowledge of the item, you might end up buying the asset for retail value or overpaying for something you thought you were going to get a deal on.

Lets say for example, you are looking to bid on a car at a government auction. Doing your homework will help you land that dream car for much less then what it’s worth. Check anything and everything about recent sales of this automobile. Check the Kelley Blue Book value and Carfax report. You may also want to check other auction outlets, such as eBay, and see how much this exact model is selling for at online auctions, not sponsored by the government. If you know the numbers, and have a general understanding of how these auctions work, you could easily do well for yourself that day.

Setting a price limit for yourself should be the motto you live by when you’re trying to make money at government auctions. Keeping a price range in your head, and sticking by those numbers no matter what, will help you have a profitable outcome when you are bidding on any item.

One of the most common sales at government auctions is property. Winning a property auction could be your ticket to scoring a huge deal. No matter if the property is to start a new home for yourself, or just for investment purposes, research is the answer to a real profit. Before bidding on a property, find out specific and precise details of the property you want to acquire—area, size, room number, and value are definitely aspects of the property you should consider before bidding.

Knowing your own financial situation is vital in buying a property. Can I afford this home? Do I have a steady flow of income to stay afloat while I pay off this property? These types of questions will benefit your thought process before the actual auction. On many occasions, you could end up obtaining a home that you never thought you could have in your current financial bracket.

There are other crucial questions you need to consider before bidding on a property. Do I have enough money for the initial down payment? Will I mortgage this property? Are the taxes too high for my living arrangements? Is there resale value in this property? Consider all your options before making any rash decisions.

Interested in purchasing a home or property? Do so with the help of®!

You will not be alone at these auctions—so you must not act like you are. Keep your eyes and ears open at all times. Missing a bid or a piece of information might damper your chances at scoring your desired item. Get there early, and you will have far fewer people to battle with at these auctions. Also, another way to snag a good deal is to wait for the end of the day auctions. People have most likely already exhausted all their money and efforts into the earlier auctions. Come early and stay late—it might be highly beneficial if you are looking to make money that day.

A common misconception about auctions is thinking the auctioneer has the power. You cannot get fooled or persuaded into settling for a value that you do not wish to spend. Only let yourself and the other bidders dictate the flow of the auction. 

Lack of experience at an auction can be harmful in your quest to make a profit. But, do take your first auction outing as a learning experience. If you don’t do so well the first time around, make the correct adjustments and go back to the drawing board. After you again do the research, which might be time consuming, you will have a better understanding of the world of government auctions. Like anything else, auction bidding takes practice and precision move making—so don’t be afraid to get your feet wet. Learn from mistakes and you will find the bargains you have so desperately been hunting for.

Use® in order to find the auctions, which will bring you money!



General Government Auctions


 1995 Rolls Royce Silver Spur IIIEver wanted to own a luxury car that's usually reserved for royalty and foreign dignitaries? Now you can get the chance at a beautiful 1995 Rolls Royce Silver Spur III now currently available for online auction courtesy of the U.S. Marshals. This handcrafted luxury vehicle comes standard with power windows, power windows, power seats, power door locks, power brakes, cruise control, air conditioning, leather seating, hardtop roof, AM/FM radio, CD changer in the trunk, factory brand stereo, alarm system, premium factory wheels, and just over 31k miles. The vehicle itself is in fantastic aesthetic condition both inside and out, but only requires a new battery in order to be up and running again. The current asking price for this Rolls Royce is just $23,500 with no bids as of yet. The car is currently being held in Las Vegas, and the auction will be ending in just a few short weeks so be sure to activate your 3-day free trial account now.


General Government Auctions

Car Auctions-

Car Auctions at®

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a place where you could find a quality used car that you didn't have to pay an arm and a leg for and not have to haggle with the used car salesman over that broken windshield wiper. Luck for you, there is! Welcome to the world of seized and surplus car auctions. Seized and surplus car auctions are where you can buy yourself a car for less than it would cost you at a used-car lot or on Craigslist. If you're feeling entrepreneurial you can even turn around and flip the cars on Craigslist for a profit. The government has thousands of seized and surplus cars that it gets rid of each day at bargain basement prices.  They want to recoup at least some of the money spent on buying and seizing the car, and that is where you come into play. There are deals to be had when you buy a car at a government car auction!

Surplus cars come from a variety of places: Military, federal government agencies, state governments, and local governments.  That means you can end up bidding on a surplus military vehicle (rocket launcher not included…obviously), a used secret-service vehicle, a pick-up truck from your local government, or a hybrid car that your state government used.  And unlike buying these cars on a used-car lot where there is a markup in price, the government is willing to sell these vehicles to the highest bidder. Used-car dealers regularly attend these surplus car auctions to add cars to their inventory – they allow them to make a steady profit on cars without investing too much time or energy. You too can end up with a great deal on a surplus car. 

Seized cars can come from anywhere. They can be seized because somebody failed to pay taxes, or even a failure to make the payments on the car.  Cars can also be seized as part of a financial settlement (Something that has happened to the infamous attorney and Ponzi-schemer Scott Rothstein). The condition of the vehicles can vary dramatically: some cars may have never been driven, while others modified for criminal purposes such as carrying contraband and illegal weapons.  That is why you need to do research prior to bidding on any car or vehicle available for auction.

Doing the detective work starts with looking at the cars available for auction and finding cars that you are interested in.  The majority of car auctions will allow you to have some sort of preview. Not all of these previews will tell you everything you need to know though. That is why you should ask for a Vehicle Identification Number or VIN, so that you can get a vehicle history report (Some auctions do have these readily available to potential bidders, but you should not rely on that).  Knowing the car’s history is perhaps, the most important part of any auto auction, so be sure that you run a report on a site like Carfax – even if you cannot attend a preview. Yo0u do not want to buy a car that has had major bodywork, or been in a flood. You may also want to investigate the price of insurance on the car, so you can be sure that you can drive your car right away, without having to wait for insurance quotes.  Once you have done your research, you are ready for the auction. Just remember to bring proper identification and enough money with you.

Of course, this information is all worthless unless you know where to find auctions. You can look in your local newspapers for surplus car auctions, or perhaps search for seized car auctions, but chances are you will be left with a lot of useless information. You could also nag your local government, but that just may not fall on the right side of good ideas. Your best bet would be to go to® where you can activate your FREE three-day trial.  Once there, you can search for auctions across the country, and find the car of your dreams. 


General Government Auctions


 2011 Champion Mobile HomeNext up for auction is this 2011 Champion Home Builder travel trailer. This trailer measures 44 feet long by 12 feet wide and contains 2 fill sized bedrooms, a bathroom, living room area, and kitchen with appliances. This trailer comes with a set of keys and overall is in pretty fair condition with some minor issues such as a broken shower head, and a few small holes along the siding. Click here to activate your free trial.


General Government Auctions


 2002 BMW 325iLooking for a ride that’s luxurious, powerful, and has exceptional road manners? Well you’re in luck, because now up for bid is this 2002 BMW 325i which is unequivocally one of the best entry-luxury cars in its class. This BMW is jam packed with features and comes standard with a 2.5 L Inline 6-cylinder engine. It also includes a leather interior, power steering/locks/brakes, keyless entry, power sunroof, front and rear airbags, traction control, premium wheels, and just under 150k miles. This vehicle is in great condition but we’d still strongly advise an inspection. The current asking price for this vehicle is just $1,900 with no bids as of yet. This auction will be ending in less than a week so hurry now andactivate your free trial.


General Government Auctions


1980 Boston WhalerIf you are looking for that boat to call your own, then you should check out this current online auction for a 1980 20 Foot Boston Whaler. This boat is located in Utah and can be yours soon. You should bring it out to the ocean and really see what it can do. This boat comes with its trailer so you can hitch it up to your car or truck and be well on your way to some boating action. If fishing is your thing, then this boat would help you tremendously! All you would have to do was tune this boat up and maintain it before it touches the water. This sea worthy craft would be a great way to enjoy your summer time. It is right around the corner after all. The current bid on this aquatic machine is only $950 with the auction ending this week. You can find out more about this item and about many more government auctions by activating your free trial account right now.


General Government Auctions


 Gerber Pocket KnivesGet ready for summer fishing trips with this assorted lot of 30 Gerber knives. These fine-quality knives are not only perfect for knife enthusiasts, but also for collectors. They’re also ideal for buyers who want to flip the knives individually for a profit. These knives come in an assortment of various sizes, colors, types, models, and conditions. They also include both fine and serrated blades. The knives all appear to be in great shape but an inspection of this auction is still strongly encouraged prior to bidding. The current asking price for this bulk auction is just $137 with 3 online bids already placed and just 2 days, 20 hours, and 36 minutes remaining. To find out more about this deal, simplyactivating your free trial now.


General Government Auctions


 Boon Island Light Station For SaleEver dreamed of owning your own personal island, but just don't have a billion dollars sitting in your bank account? There's a chance that your dreams may come true. This summer, the government is auctioning off Boon Island Light Station, a small islet located off the coast of York, Maine. This island comes with its own 133 ft lighthouse, constructed in 1855, and a small shed. So far, there's just one bid for $5,000! That’s a small price to pay for something as awesome as this. If you’d like to learn more about it, then all you have to do is activate your free trial now.


General Government Auctions


 Mercedes Benz ML500Check out this auction deal at for this beautiful 2006 Mercedes Benz ML500 that is currently being held in Honolulu, Hawaii via online auction. With it’s freshly styled interior and posh exterior, this Benz SUV has an extensive array of safety features and is surefooted in bad weather. Under the bonnet, you’ll discover a powerful 5.0 liter V8 engine, 7 speed automatic transmission, four wheel drive, easy to use navigation system, AM/FM/CD premium sound system, all power, leather interior, sunroof, tinted glass, running boards, and just a little over 32k miles. All in all the vehicle is in fantastic condition with only a few scuffs and scrapes on the rear bumper. The current asking price for this vehicle is just $8,007 with 1 bid already placed. This auction will be ending in less than 2 weeks so be sure to activate your 3-day free trial account now.



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